Guardianship Attorney Serving Frisco and Plano, Texas

The day may come when your family member can’t make decisions on their own. When that happens, someone has to step up. The Law Office of Lee Craig can help you file for guardianship. I will walk you through the process so you can give your loved one the care they deserve. Do what your family member can’t. Call now to schedule a consultation with a guardianship attorney in Plano, Frisco, or Richardson, Texas.

What does guardianship allow you to do?

Guardianship allows you to make decisions for your loved one. Once you file for guardianship, you can:

  • Make medical and financial decisions for your family member
  • Make sure they’re receiving adequate care
  • Update the court on their situation
  • Admit them to an assisted living facility
  • Manage their finances and pay off their debt
  • Create a will for them

I understand that this is a difficult situation. I’ll do everything possible to make this process easy for you. Contact the Law Office of Lee Craig today to speak with me, a compassionate guardianship attorney in Frisco, Plano or Richardson, Texas.